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Retro jordans for sale jpg (26.41 KB, download number: 23) download Nike Air Diamond Turf Florida State University 2 Special Edition 2014-8-23 10:19 Nike Air Diamond Turf upload, 200 : the European Union imposed a sixteen point five percent anti-dumping duty on leather products originating in China for two years; the Chinese leather enterprises headed by AOKANG group sued the European Court of justice. Here today to attend the seventh session of China (Shiling leather) section of the AOKANG Group Chairman Wang Zhentao said, the first round of the respondent has been completed, has received a written reply to the EU court forwarded. The future cheap jordans for sale will certainly be good for the development of the EU is expected to make relevant adjustments. dragged on for a year, the Chinese shoe enterprises appealed, the European Union anti-dumping case finally won the first reply of the European Union, the second round of defense is about to begin. Vice chairman, China Leather Association, AOKANG group president Wang Zhentao said, even if the end of the second round of the respondent, the implementation of the act period expires, but the case will put pressure on the EU and affect its decision, if not the possible return of a new round of a longer period of time such as three, five cheap jordan shoes for men years of sanctions, it is responsible for the complaint on the whole industry Chinese. As far as the situation is concerned, the EU will make adjustments after the expiration of the contract, and the abolition of anti-dumping duties is likely to be successful. On the other hand, the case also serves as a publicity effect for China's corporate brands. it is understood that the EU anti-dumping measures implemented a year ago, China's leather shoes industry exports have had a big impact, China's more than 1200 enterprises affected. To AOKANG as an example, as China's leading shoe enterprises, if the European Union to cancel or Cheap air jordans for sale reduce anti-dumping duties, AOKANG's export sales in Europe than the current increase of five times. Chinese arts and crafts import and Export Chamber of commerce data show that from January to June this year, the EU imports of leather shoes from China number eighty-four million, imports amounted to $more than 900000000, compared with the same period last year decreased by Twenty-six percent and twenty-one percent. As a matter of fact, the EU buyers are strongly opposed to the imposition of anti-dumping duties. The EU footwear trade organization has also been in consultation with the European Union government, and has proposed cheap jordans online the removal of trade remedy measures against Chinese shoes. , who attended today's second world leather industry summit forum, said there were problems with the process of the EU's ruling, investigation, calculations and procedures. All the signs also indicate that "containment" originates from Chinese leather shoes and is replaced by other leather shoes. Anti dumping measures have caused many European customers to turn to Pakistan, Indonesia, India and other countries and regions. The analysis from Austria reflected that less than a year after the European Union introduced the measure, low price footwear imports did not dec cheap jordans for sale mens rease. Shiling Town, Huadu District of Guangzhou has become the country's largest leather production and sales center leather raw materials distribution center, Nissan leather one million years, the value of ten billion yuan, AOKANG, Pierre Cardin, Goldlion and other XinDa million, more than 10 domestic and foreign well-known brand in Shiling leather. Today the opening ceremony, Huadu District of Guangzhou City People's government and the French Leather Association jointly signed leather leather industry intellectual property protection cooperation agreement, for the introduction of the French brand and China leather to go o Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ut and play the brand foundation. (Editor: admin) information today we introduce a decorated with Swarovski Rhinestones Reebok Instapump fury Cinderella color, Disney and Reebok together to create the crystal shoe to meet the girls dream princess. But how can I find a prince in a fake shoe? 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