Nike is the birthplace of Portland, the headquarters also set up here, so here's Sneaker culture is particularly strong. This is a combination of a coffee shop and sneaker culture store, Ian Williams in 2006 to 2014 worked to the Nike, he inspired by the unique design this shop, the shop has opened, located in Portland 408 N.W. couch St. have the opportunity to to Portland Friends may wish to see. So cheap jordans online urce: solecollector does not seem to come out of Christmas wars struggle to defeat the shadow of on season finals against the Golden State Warriors, the Cleveland Cavaliers in yesterday's back to back in the face of the general strength of Portland open up to 76-105 fiasco, James audience of 13 shots only 4 and 12 points and four basket rebounds and five assists table now almost is one of the weak pe Retro jordans for sale rformance of the season, but the first foot LeBron 13 "doernbecher color but is still not small highlights. source: NBAE 2015, solecollector bike sharing rental brand "mobike v-mobile bicycle (hereinafter referred to as: Mobell)" released in Shanghai, to the identity of the v-mobile technology CEO Uber Wang Xiaofeng, general manager of Shanghai for the first time unveiled, he said: "v-mobile bicycle Retro jordans for sale will use everyone can afford to pay the price, to help every city people can be more convenient to complete a short trip." this product called "Mobell bicycle", brought by Wang Xiaofeng, general manager of Shanghai Uber Uber from after the resignation, lead the team to the latest research and development. The first orange Mobell bike yesterday officially put into use in Shanghai city. This bike expl Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping osion-proof tires, twenty thousand road ride only without inflating the inner tyre wear. At the same time the bicycle draws on the concept of a part of the car, the use of bearings to replace the traditional chain, this will not be "off the chain" and so on. In addition, the lock of the car which combines chip, circuit board, internet protocol, GPS and Sm, can easily find its position. bike is Beijin Cheap air jordans for sale g Mobell Mobell Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Mobell technology's products). Moving the bike is mobike, in use process, the user in the app store or the Android store download v-mobile bike, or mobike app registration, on can in the app saw themselves near the bicycle distribution, and find out his latest bike. by two-dimensional code scanning body open the lock, arrive at the des Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping tination after stop in government regulations white parking area, closed manual lock automatically billing. The current price is 1 yuan per half hour. in bicycle design, v-mobile bike the aluminum body, also used the orange five piece wheels, the frame adopts is aluminum material, rust, and is SC-7000 aviation aluminum alloy, the tensile strength reaches 650mpa is ordinary frame 2 times safety coeff cheap foamposites icient. In the process, using the v-mobile bicycle axle drive and pendulum arm, body integral forming process. At the same time, the process and the orange five spoke wheels together, can also enhance the v-mobile bicycle identification, and easy to maintain. Wang Xiaofeng said that v-mobile bikes don't need people to go to the designated locations do card, pay, also do not need to specify the site cheap jordans for sale to stop the car. in addition to China, the rest of the world is also in demand for people to improve their urban infrastructure, and related solutions. Such as the Copenhagen road bicycle green: if in the above cycling speed higher than 20km / h, on the road will be bright green, crossing in front of will also all the way to the green; if less than the speed, the green light will disappear, we must a cheap jordans for sale mens ccelerate to re activate. Burn the trend of Detroit shoe store; Rubber New Balance and again;; launch a new season with a single product, the two sides aimed at the United States veteran ginger juice brand gas water Vernors Vernors , inviting; yellow body is also the designer of the brand founder of James Vernor design details for this incarnation shoes,. James Vernor early in 1866 cr cheap jordan shoes for men eated Ginger Ale formula, even as early as Coca Cola formula. The cooperation in 572 as the prototype, the upper wood decoration, metal buckle to James Vernor cartoon picture, the overall color is designed according to the Vernors Classic Yellow tank as a color based difference, this pair of shoes out of joint. New Balance x Burn Rubber 572 will be landing in November 29th Burn Rubber official shop on sale. accompanies our childhood Japanese classic animated cartoon "Altman" to this year already 50 years old! To celebrate the birth of 50th anniversary, Converse season features three double All Star note color don't celebrate. Among them, All, Star, Ultraman, HI, R inspiration from "Altman" after the change of the classic red silver war clothing, and , Converse, Logo imitate as "energy lamp", very image. All Star Vartan Say Jin R Slip OX inspired by the "Ninja universe alien baltan" design, its most characteristic yellow eyes in decorative lace holes, and the "V" shape of the head is reflected in the tongue. The last pair of All Star Eleking R HI is the "monster king" , as a body of inspiration, as the inspiration, in the white background to add green stripes, and the use of fluorescent treatment, can be lit in the dark. In addition to these, three pairs of shoes in the shoe pad printed on all inspired photos: Altman, "Ninja alien baltan universe" and "cosmic monster AI Lei king", great collection value. It is reported that the series will be in July this year in Japan exclusive sale, priced from 8500 to 9500 yen range, interested friends may wish to pay more attention.